About Us


Sahreej is the premier supplier of all of your ISO Tank needs in Saudi Arabia and operates 3 Tank Cleaning Depots in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  1. Jubail II: serving the heart of the Saudi Chemical Industry,
  2. Dammam: in the Port Area and serving Dammam First and Second Industrial Cities and
  3. Jeddah: serving the Port Area and the west coast industries.

Sahreej have a professional and fully dedicated team looking after all aspects of work including cleaning, repair, testing, storage, steam heating and leasing.

A combined site size of 70,000sqm meters gives adequate space for repair, testing, for storage of 2,000 tanks (empty and full) and of course cleaning.

We also provide Nitrogen Purging / Blanketing, Survey’s, Technical visits and Assistance, Cross-Loading and Emergency Response.

Our focus is based on Customers Service, Quality, Response Times and Turn-Around-Time.

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